The DreamCloud Mattress: Should you buy this luxury hybrid?

  2022-03-26  |  Categories: Features    
  Tags:  mattress

The DreamCloud Mattress has grown in popularity over the last few years and is sought out by people with back pain who need good lumbar support, as well as by sleepers of average to heavier body weights who want cushioning comfort and constant pressure relief during sleep.

The DreamCloud sits in our best mattress guide as a good option for most people seeking higher levels of support and pressure relief, and comes on a 365-night risk-free trial to give you ample time to make sure it does help you sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Thanks to its combination of gel-infused memory foam, polyfoam and supportive coils, this medium-firm mattress in a box is particularly well-reviewed among back and stomach sleepers, and has won numerous awards. Even better, it’s competitively priced for a luxury hybrid memory foam mattress of this quality, but will it suit your particular sleep needs?

Read on for everything you need to know about the DreamCloud Mattress ahead of our official review arriving on the site…

First things first, here we’re looking at the US version of the DreamCloud Mattress – UK viewers can read our DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid review for more information on that model, which is slightly different to the US one.

The DreamCloud mattress has made a name for itself as a good choice for neck and back pain, as it’s built to deliver a good blend of medium-firm support, contouring comfort and all-over pressure relief. We can certainly testify to this with the UK version, and during our testing of the US version so far, it’s the same story (our official review is coming soon).

Also known in the US as the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, this 14” deep hybrid scores high user reviews for back and stomach sleeping, with the construction of the mattress preventing the sleeper’s head from sinking too far into the memory foam top layer. The benefit? Good spinal alignment during back and stomach sleeping.

Not all side sleepers love the DreamCloud mattress. For example, those with lightweight bodies found it a bit too firm, despite the cushioned top and soft, cashmere blend cover. Some users opted for a mattress topper to add extra softness, while others opted to return the Luxury Hybrid during the 365-night trial period.

The DreamCloud mattress is medium firm but with a good level of bounce that will suit combination sleepers and couples. It does have higher motion transfer than some other comparable mattresses and we don’t think side sleepers will find the mattress entirely comfortable, as it’s simply a little firm for their needs. If you’re a side sleeper take a look at our best mattress for side sleepers guide.